Five Website Improvements – Episode #32

Brian Kaldenberg explains five aspects of your website that can make a huge difference in your conversion rate.

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"Great content! Testimonial underutilized" by The Happy Diabetic

Today's eCommerce consulting for tommorow's opportunities.

We've increased one of our client's sales by 400% in just three years. We've helped a 21 year old take his six-figure e-commerce business from dorm room to featured interviews by ESPN, USAToday, and The Chicago Tribune. The question is would you like us to do the same for you?

Why your company needs our consulting expertise?

It's quite simple, your customers run the show. Today's consumer wants to search for information and buy products at his or her convenience. The internet allows your business to serve customers 24/7. If your business isn't easily accessible on the web, then your business isn't doing the best it can to serve your customers.


Lee Sterling - Paramount Sports, Inc. - Miami, FL

"I joined Kaldenberg Consulting three years ago. In that time I've raised my sales over 400%."

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Chris Williams - - Ames, IA

"Before a big day for our websites would be about 100,000 page views and we thought that was good. Nowadays a good day is about anywhere from 500,000 to ..."

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Dale Schotte - Park Avenue Coffee - St. Louis, MO

"Kaldenberg Consulting has done a wonderful job with our Google advertising campaign. In a little over a year our Google advertising average pages per visit increased 90%, average time on site increased 83.85% ..."

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Jon Miller - - Des Moines, IA

"Kaldenberg Consulting's overall knowledge of internet marketing has really helped maximize our site's capabilities. I would highly recommend Kaldenberg Consulting."

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