Google Adwords Part 5 – Episode #28

Brian Kaldenberg breaks down how to discover and properly use negative keywords in your Google Adwords campaign.



Lee Sterling - Paramount Sports, Inc. - Miami, FL

"I joined Kaldenberg Consulting three years ago. In that time I've raised my sales over 400%."

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Chris Williams - - Ames, IA

"Before a big day for our websites would be about 100,000 page views and we thought that was good. Nowadays a good day is about anywhere from 500,000 to ..."

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Dale Schotte - Park Avenue Coffee - St. Louis, MO

"Kaldenberg Consulting has done a wonderful job with our Google advertising campaign. In a little over a year our Google advertising average pages per visit increased 90%, average time on site increased 83.85% ..."

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Jon Miller - - Des Moines, IA

"Kaldenberg Consulting's overall knowledge of internet marketing has really helped maximize our site's capabilities. I would highly recommend Kaldenberg Consulting."

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