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First Step for Internet Marketing Success – Episode 2

Brian Kaldenberg discusses the most important first step for successful internet marketing.

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"Hi Don - Thanks for posting. The profitability of a website in the first year depends a lot on the industry you're in, but I agree, more often than not if you're profitable in the very first year you're doing pretty good.

Unfortunately, many website owners don't know how to roll up their sleeves and actually work, and they expect unrealistic profits within the first few months. These individuals usually aren't around long enough to realize realistic profits." by Brian Kaldenberg

"If I saw any profits my first year I would be happy." by Don

Change has Already Happened – Episode #1

Kaldenberg Consulting's President Brian Kaldenberg launches Kaldenberg TV. Then we take a look at where the internet marketing world sites as of February 15, 2010.

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"Good work Brian. Can’t wait to see what more is in store." by Joel Mint


Lee Sterling - Paramount Sports, Inc. - Miami, FL

"I joined Kaldenberg Consulting three years ago. In that time I've raised my sales over 400%."

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Chris Williams - - Ames, IA

"Before a big day for our websites would be about 100,000 page views and we thought that was good. Nowadays a good day is about anywhere from 500,000 to ..."

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Dale Schotte - Park Avenue Coffee - St. Louis, MO

"Kaldenberg Consulting has done a wonderful job with our Google advertising campaign. In a little over a year our Google advertising average pages per visit increased 90%, average time on site increased 83.85% ..."

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Jon Miller - - Des Moines, IA

"Kaldenberg Consulting's overall knowledge of internet marketing has really helped maximize our site's capabilities. I would highly recommend Kaldenberg Consulting."

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